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Hi, I'm Nicole!

I'm a psychic medium and spiritual mentor.  My passion is helping people to accept, embrace and enhance their own spiritual gifts and abilities.

I believe that it's only when we're brave enough to accept all aspects of ourselves - including our spiritual nature - that we are able to find peace within ourselves, and live a life of abundance, authenticity and joy. 

You are psychic. You were born magical and you are meant to be special. Why settle for being a carbon copy of something else?

Three Ways To Work With Me


My mission is to help intuitives know that they are not alone, to encourage people to seek their own spiritual answers and follow the path that tugs at their heart, and to inspire them to have faith in themselves, so they can foster a loving, flourishing relationship with the spirit world. 

Embracing your own spiritual gifts is how to live an authentic life, and from authenticity derives purpose. The joy, the pain, the suffering—it all has meaning if there’s true passion for the life you are living.


Through mentorship, readings and courses, I’ll guide you on your journey to uncovering and developing your intuition and psychic gifts, so you’ll:

  • Feel validated that what you’ve been experiencing is real
  • Learn to strengthen your gifts and have fun using them
  • Gain clarity about your purpose and direction
  • Have access to a community of similarly gifted souls for you to connect and share with


Which Option Is Right For You?

1:1 Sessions, Including Psychic Readings and Private Mentoring Sessions

Online Courses Where You Can Learn At Your Own Pace

The Psychic Gym:
A group membership with weekly psychic development circles, monthly workshops & more.


Private Sessions

Whether you want spiritual mentoring, or the opportunity to take a peak into your future,  I can help you!

I offer sessions via Skype, Phone, and Zoom. If you have an internet connection, I can assist you, regardless of where you are in the world.


Schedule Your Session

Jonny Enoch

Nicole did a brief psychic reading for my 84 year old dad and it was absolutely amazing. She is an incredibly gifted and insightful psychic that I would highly recommend to anyone. We were also impressed that her messages were empowering and left you full of hope and encouragement.

Barb K.

Nicole connected with the spirit of my brother and she was spot on! There is no doubt that she was talking to him and it gave me so much comfort.  She even dialed into his smart-ass personality! I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole!  She is the real deal!

Karen B.

The reading I had with you was absolutely amazing. The way I felt after the reading and still do, is beyond anything I’ve ever felt with any of the other readings I’ve had with anyone else. You truly are an amazing person and I feel so privileged to have a had a reading from you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Heidi H.

After going through some very traumatic experiences in the last few years, I was feeling lost and scattered. I was stuck and couldn’t seem to move forward in life or on my pcychic/mediumship path. In our mentoring session Nicole was able to pinpoint what was blocking me from moving past the trauma. She was able to help me begin the healing process by giving me specific exercises and meditations to do.  She also helped me to connect and work with my guardian angel.  

Nicole is amazing! Compassionate, caring and legitimate. I’ll definitely be working with her on a regular basis. I recommend her to everyone!

Yari R.

I've had many interactions with Nicole and she is always respectful, attentive, fun and super sweet! I participated in one of the group sessions to connect with family on the other side. She immediately connected with my mom. And it was very clear it was her. From her cooking muffins and sharing with friends, her involvement in her community, her liking the color brown to her talking very fast! It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience knowing she's ok and still a part of my daily life. Knowing that I can talk to her whenever I want to and she is always there for me! She also asked for my best friend by name!!!

Thanks Nicole for an unforgettable experience!


Spiritual Education

Your life is busy, and your soul is curious. You want to be able to discover the wisdom of your soul, but you need to be able to do it on YOUR terms.

My online courses over you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. While each course does have a suggested timeline, you are free to work through these courses in your own time on your own schedule.

I offer courses that can help you to:
- Encrease your psychic awareness
- Connect to your psychic energy centers to strengthen them
- Connect with your loved ones in spirit

And more!

New courses will be added so be sure to come back and check out what's new!


Take A Class

Pamela F.

I cannot say enough about Nicole. I took two of her online courses and I found them to be informative, useful and easy to follow. Nicole creates a certain vibrational mood through her use of meditations, creative writing and visualization challenges. Nicole is Energetic, Compassionate and Concise. A truly gifted medium and intuitive, plus teacher. 



Brenda B.

Nicole's online video courses are very clear and easy to follow. During the first course, it was like she was sitting right there with me, personally showing me how to meditate and communicate with my loved ones. I highly recommend her courses and her readings … they have never been a disappointment for me and I hope to continue learning from Nicole well into the future. It’s very exciting to feel my intuitive gifts coming to life and becoming stronger as I learn more how to recognize and use them. Thank you Nicole!

Bernie H.

I have done two of your courses and I absolutely love your presentations. I use your chakra meditations to balance the chakras and an emotion code practitioner friend of mine validates how effective this is. Great job. I’m so blessed to have you in my corner!




The Psychic Gym:
A Psychic Development Membership Site

This online Psychic Gym is the membership site that gives you access to ALL of my online courses, including exclusive courses that are ONLY available to members. 

In addition, members also get:

  • Access to a LIVE interactive online spiritual themed workshop, either hosted by me or a special guest
  • Three monthly psychic development circles where you get to practice strengthening your psychic gifts with other students.
  • A LIVE Q&A where I will answer one of your questions regarding psychic development, or a spiritual experience you had.
  • Access to a secret members-only Facebook group where you will receive weekly affirmations, readings, reflection moments and more!
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